Our salon has a few options for different types of massages, so everyone can choose what they prefer.

You can choose from classic massage, sport massage, energy massage, hawaii massage, bamboo stick massage, hot stone massage, foot massage, algae detox, massage and/or drainage for pregnant women, couples massage, bowen therapy and japanese face lift.

We provided you with short descriptions of different techniques, so that you can choose a massage most suitable for you.


Classic massage

It may sound very "classical", but the classic massage is ideal for muscle relaxation, as well as improving the blood and lymphatic flow in the body. with different techniques, we don't only focus on knots and distresseed areas, but to the whole body (legs, feet, back, arms, hands, belly, chest area and face- also your scalp if requested): that way we can maintain and improve the vitality of your body and protect your immune system from physical injuries as well as stress.

We prefer to use slightly heated grape seed oil for this type of massage, because of it's antioxidant qualities. Nothing less than perfect.


Manual lymphatic drainage

This is a special therapeutic technique, which removes fluids and toxic waste from the tissue. It affects autonomic nervous system, your immune system, reducing pain and of course the most visible- drainage.

Customers with diagnosed lymphoedema are the most grateful (either born with it or after lymph node extraction), pregnant women (bloating) and also everyone who suffers with bloating in their arms, legs..

Lymphatic drainage is also very important when you are trying to lose weight to ensure your skin tonus and tightness.



Bamboo massage

This strong, warm, and revitalising massage is intended for athletes, casuals, in short, everyone who wants to "knead" all of their muscle groups very well. The warmth of the bamboo sticks (of different lengths) strengthens the feeling of a deep massage, and the combination of everything also definitely vastly speeds up cicrulation.

A real "Back On Track"!


Detox body wrap

detox obloga z algami
detox obloga z algami

First 25 minutes of this treatment, you will be able to enjoy being wrapped in a cocoon of a great combination of clay, sea algae, herbs and cinnamon, pimento and orange; all of which have great detoxification properties, as well as reducing cellulite visibility. During your detoxification we will relax you with a soothing foot massage. After a shower you will feel reborn, and for the perfect finish you will also be massaged afterwards.

After that, you will surely love to come back for more.


Energetic massage

A lot of us like to, either in our head or aloud, say that we simply lack energy. Often that comes from a lot of different factors- fast tempo, lack of real sleep and rest, stress... Sometimes we expect too much from our bodies and spirit.  With an energetic massage, which is a combination of reiki and relaxing massaging techniques, you will feel instantly energised. We can almost say you will feel reborn, if you only let yourself.


Hot stone therapy

Hot volcano stones are incredible heat transmitters. Well heated, they slide smoothly on your skin and not only heat it, but also relieve muscle spasms. If you suffer with joint problems, arthritis, bad hips or hard neck, this is for you.


Reflexology foot massage

This massage feels good even if a person doesn't have any problems. With this complex therapeutic method, we relax and harmonise the body. Every part of the body reacts to a specific spot on your feet and with putting pressure on those spots we balance your whole body.

Reflexology foot massage is beneficial to natural relaxation and healing of the psychophysical body. It encourages the blood stream and the function of endocrine glands (thyroid, liver, thymus..)

Long story short, there is no reason not to try it.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio taping is a very usable, natural method of healing, which is used for sore muscles, joints, with acute or chronic pain, with joint edema and hematoma. The techniques of the taping are of course different, depending on the case, because it's important to achieve the desired effect. Only the correct way of applying the tape will provide you with an ideal support on your way of recovery. Kinesio tapes give support and stability to the muscles and joints and don't have a negative impact on circulation and range of motion. 

We use this to:- reduce pain

-edema healing

-for maintaining extremity in a correct position, for joint stability

It can be applied to joint mechanisms (neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles), or on muscles (upper and lower arm, torso, calves, thighs, feet).

Even after surgical procedures, the use of kinesio tapes is very recommendable, because it can shorten the recovery time, reduces pain, swelling, hematomas, increases the range of motion etc.

We wish to give you perfect motion- either we try to keep it, or help you achieve it.